30-day blog challenge: somewhere i’ve been to

30-day blog challenge, for a better me, family

i discovered later in life that traveling is actually good for our body + our soul + although we’ve never really done a lot of travel last year, i guess our 3-day baguio trip in november pretty much made up for it. we really had a wonderful time bonding as a family, even my little man tremendously enjoyed himself. we visited a number of tourist attractions in the city of pines, but, i tell you, 3 days is simple not enough to see everything there is to see. we were not able to explore much of camp john hay, except for the christmas village + the beautiful starbucks branch there. we were not able to visit cafe by the ruins, either.

these photos show some of the places we’ve checked out in baguio, including the christmas village inside camp john hay, the wright park, strawberry farm + the bencab museum in asin.

when my little man is older, i will make sure to bring him back to baguio. am sure he will not hesitate to ride the horse at the wright park or give the boats at burnham park another try .  anyway, you can read all about our baguio trip + other travel adventure on my travel blog

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30-day blog challenge day 4: a bad habit to break

a bad habit that I can really do without is being a mindless + moody eater! yes, i eat when i am bored or when i am not doing anything. i get bored a lot quite easily + i think being in a company of a 3-year old is not much help to curb this nasty habit. when i am left to my devices, i rummage the pantry or the fridge for something to much on! it sure isn’t healthy + it is pretty much to blame for my unsightly mid-section bump, that resembles a lot like a 6-month old baby bump! i ought to get rid of the habit this year if i want to stop my tummy from growing any bigger. it really grosses me out to see it, i would definitely love to get rid of it this year, too!

if i can get rid of those + my other nasty habit of procrastination, i must say i will be better + healthier this year! 🙂

how about you, what are the bad habits you wish you never had

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30-day blog challenge day 03: a picture of me + my friends

30-day blog challenge, for a better me

now this challenge is quite easy-peasy as i’ve recently meet-up with my friends who also happens to be my classmates in college. meeting with friends regularly, i reckon , is really a quite a healthy activity, imagine all the happy vibes you will get by hearing from someone you’d love to see after many years!

i was particularly pleased with the turn out this year, as there were only a handful of us who showed up in the past. having 10 attendees was really quiet a feat + it was a pleasure catching up with them + i hope we’d be able to do it again soon.

the photo shows {from left to right} jane, mhie, roma, jackie, menes, jeff, sharon, myself + victor. i tagged along the little man, but he was busy playing with a new-found playmate when this photo was taken.

i shall be writing more about this wonderful get-together on my mum blog one of these days! 😉

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photo credit goes to my friend jane