Time To Re-Think Your Drink For A Healthy + Happy Life

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What we drink and how many times we drink is the key to a healthy and happy life. Too often, though, many of us think of only two elements as we go through our daily challenges in work or at home: food and fitness. It does not matter how many diet plans we missed or exercise regimens that we did not complete; at the back of our minds, we believe that it is essential to eat the right foods and perform physical activities regularly if we are to meet the demands in our personal and professional spheres.

All this is well and good, but it still lacks the third, and unfortunately often-ignored, aspect that is also important to our physical and mental well-being: hydration. In the medical sense, hydration means “adding water to our body.” To many of us, this means following the age-old rule taught to us since childhood that is to drink eight glasses of water a day. It is a healthy advice that we try to follow but often overlook. How many of us do make it a point to take that much amount of water intake? And if we fail, chances are we shrug it off – or try to compensate by substituting our favorite drinks such as soda, coffee, juices, iced tea, energy drinks, or even beer and liquor.

The only time we do become aware of the need to fill up our body with fluid is when we engage in physical activity. Thirty minutes of pounding the treadmill at the gym, whipping up a storm in dance class, or just a brisk walk around the neighborhood – the minute sweat breaks out of our body and the pangs of thirst set in, that’s when we tend to look for the nearest water cooler or, if we are smart, grab the thermos we brought with us.

However, these are extreme examples. Hailing a cab, lining up at the train station, running from one client meeting to the other to make presentations or do sales calls – all these translate to physical and mental efforts that also tend to make our body lose water. At the same time, this loss demands equal and instant replenishment. In short, we become dehydrated or lose hydration without our knowing it until the symptoms appear — unusual anxiety, dizziness that does not go away by lying down, inability to remain awake, hurried breathing, and a weakening or quickening pulse.

Drinking water to replenish the fluids lost from our body through sweat is a part of the solution. The intake of this precious liquid can make up for the sweat-induced loss, but it cannot easily replace the other substances that have been removed. A human being’s sweat tastes salty because it indicates the presence of other important elements known as electrolytes that are equally crucial to our health and functioning, such as: Sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and chloride.

Pocari Sweat is the one and unique healthy hydration drink that can replenish the body not just with water but with the important electrolytes that it had lost during sweating. It is best used during sports, exercise or other physical activities in order to counter dehydration and prevent its many effects such as fever, electrolyte imbalance, and hangover. Pocari Sweat has a 63 percent absorption rate, faster than any other liquid, and therefore is capable of quickly restoring the substances that the body needs.

As an added health benefit, Pocari Sweat does not carry any artificial coloring, preservatives, caffeine, and artificial sweetener; a one-year-old child can drink it and remain safe. While refreshing in its flavor, its taste is milder compared to other beverages that have strong favors and coloring, leaving no aftertaste to wash off with water.

Food and fitness are two sides of the triangle that compose the apex of our health. Hydration is the third. To function at full par, it is time we rethink our strategies for the sake of wellness – and rethink the drinks that we take, and how many times that we take it. Because water and its electrolytes make up a majority of our body, we need to be replenished of them, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from the time we get up to the time we sleep. Pocari Sweat shows us the way.

For more info on Pocari Sweat and healthy hydration visit,www.otsuka.com.ph

Points to Ponder

Water is often overlooked but it does give a lot of benefits for our body, including:

  • keeping us hydrated
  • helping us maintain a good complexion
  • preventing sprains
  • a good remedy for headaches
  • boosting our immune system
  • promoting weight loss

I guess it is safe to say that we all should make a habit of drinking sufficient amount of water each day for a fitter and healthier life.

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Maum Meditation Founder in Manila:  Mind-Subtraction Creates A Lifetime Of Happiness With The Universe  

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Woo Myung, the founder of Maum Meditation, will be elaborating on  his ideas in the Philippines as part of his Annual World Lecture Tour for 2014.  He began it with Australia and New Zealand and just completed his European Tour which included Genoa, Milan, Lisbon, London, Paris, Budapest, Berlin, and Stockholm. The planned lecture in Manila and Clark, Philippines is the last of the Southern and Southeast Asia lecture tour following his trips to India, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Vietnam, and Thailand.

The lecture will take place on October 28 in Manila and on October 30 at 7 pm in Clark, Woo Myung will introduce the method of Maum Meditation which teaches human completion and joyful life through an alignment of the of human mind to the Universal consciousness.

meditation, rest and relaxation

His  mind-subtraction method, which is a scientific and systematic form of  meditation, has gained worldwide following in 330 regional centres in 41 countries. The Maum Meditation has gotten attention because of its principles on  transformation in consciousness, the ‘subtraction’ of the human mind, and the personal happiness all these have given its adherents. Continue reading

Eagle Brand Medicated Oil:  Filipinos’ Companion For Healing + Wellness

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Eagle Brand Medicated oil selling in the Chinese Medical Hall, Chinatown

The Eagle Brand Medicated Oil, a winning “green” heritage brand, is now in the Philippines. With its arrival, many Filipinos can now enjoy the benefits of this popular medicated oil as their own effective companion for healing and wellness, with the same quality that made this leading Singaporean product trusted by countless generations in many countries worldwide.

Eagle Brand Medicated Oil is easily identified by the uniquely “green” color of its medicated oil and is widely referred to in the markets as the “Green Oil.”  The natural “green” in the oil originates from chlorophyll pioneered by its creator, the late Wilhelm Hauffmann.  Further enhancing its identity is attributed to its uniquely shaped Parisian triangular ascending glass bottle that is intricate in design and finely crafted which is second to none.

health and wellness products, all things healthy in between, medicine and medications

It was a formula that soon captured the loyalty of the health-conscious public around the world. Since then, Eagle Brand Medicated Oil grew to become the most popular and trusted brand of medicated oil for the past 50 years, particularly in the United States, where it enjoys market leadership because of its quality and premium, time-tested formulation. Here in Asia where consumers usually do not go to the doctor unless needed, the Eagle Brand Medicated Oil, being an external analgesic, is widely sought for the relief of minor aches and pain, from headaches to stomach aches, flu symptoms, giddiness, fainting spells and even mosquito bites. Continue reading