Up For Something Beautiful With Nigel Barker + ATC Healthcare

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Nigel Barker at work with ATC Healthcare Ambassador, Carla Abellana

Beauty is always alluring.

A once in a lifetime project with a world renowned fashion photographer captures stunning photos of ATC Healthcare’s ambassador, Carla Abellana, making beauty possible and effortless for everyone.

ATC Healthcare, your trusted life ally, is the emerging leader in health care products. ATC Healthcare is known for creating high quality products that responds to the needs of every Filipino. They have created beauty and anti-aging products that aims to effortlessly bring out beauty in every woman. This “effortless beauty by ATC” campaign seeks to showcase beauty through impressive and artistic photos done by Mr. Nigel Barker. That’s why ATC Healthcare teamed up with Nigel Barker for a location shoot at Solaire Resorts and Casino, held last June 4, 2015.

health and wellness products, all things healthy in between, press release

Nigel Barker is a fashion photographer known for his eye for creativity in capturing beauty in images. He became a household name after being one of the judges in America’s Next Top Model for 17 cycles, and for working with celebrities and super models around the world, the likes of Coco Rocha, Kate Upton, Taylor Swift, and Tyra Banks, among others. He himself exudes beauty, starting off as a much-sought after model, and now as a fashion photographer, for his love for fashion, talent and passion in photography. Nigel Barker, the celebrity photographer, and ATC Healthcare, your trusted ally in life, with its beauty and anti-aging products, make effortless beauty attainable for Filipina women.

Press Release

Managing Asthma And Allergies With Sharp

press release, all things healthy in between, health and wellness products

Thankfully it has been a few years since the little man had his last asthma attack. Although I will never forget the scare-of-a-lifetime I got during that time when my little one had difficulty breathing and was still too tiny to articulate how he felt. I ran to the local drug store at midnight to get his meds.

I am relieved that it never happened again, I guess his regular summer swimming class is doing the trick. I am praying his asthma will be gone for good, but I will never know for sure. That is why it is good to know that Sharp came out with products that will help mums manage asthma and keep it at bay. Read all about these interesting products in the press release below.

Asthma is such a common disease that you probably know someone who had it as a child or still has it as an adult. You probably even have it. In the Philippines, three out of ten children and one out of ten adults suffer from asthma. Asthma episodes may vary among kids – some outgrow it, while some retain it to adulthood. There are even those whose asthma symptoms become dormant and then reappear later in life. While most parents would think that their children will outgrow their asthma, it is always better not to take chances. Continue reading

The Right Drink For The Right Reasons

all things healthy in between, press release, health and wellness productsThe human body loses at least 2.5 litres of body fluids even without having any strenuous activity or any kind of physical training. We lose this much even on a quiet day at work or at school. Because the body doesn’t stop its bodily functions to keep us going and these body fluids are very important in maintaining proper circulation of the nutrients needed by every part of the body and also in keeping it from overheating.

While physical stress has always been attributed to lost body fluids, mental and emotional stress could also contribute to dehydration. Exposure to hot weather also makes the body perspire greater amounts of fluids just to keep our bodies cool. One might think that we are just losing water from dehydration, but along with these are the minerals and electrolytes that our body needs. Every time we lose these fluids is the time when we should rethink about what we drink.

There are many options out there in the market, but nothing comes close to Pocari Sweat’s safe and trusted formulation. From one of Japan’s most trusted pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies and currently the Philippines’ number one Japanese pharmaceutical company, Otsuka (Philippines) Pharmaceutical, Inc. (OPPI) has brought Pocari Sweat in the country to bring wellness that doesn’t only make you get better, but also keepyou to be better. Continue reading