Be Naturally Beautiful With Vita-E

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2016 is a year for all natural, we get all serious whenever we see another DIY video on YouTube to achieve a more natural makeup, hair- do, or even a fashion OOTD. Looking natural is the way to go, achieving this looks, makes you look younger and effortlessly beautiful. Gone are the days when you put on so much blush on and foundation to cover up your blemishes, this years, trend is all about, less is more.

It’s the same issue for our skin, sometimes we get so addicted using so many products on our skin. In belief that it’ll make our skin more radiant and smooth, but that’s not always the case. Using less skin care products can be healthier for you, using a skin care product that will give you all the benefits that your skin really needs.

ATC Healthcare International Corp. searched for the best ingredient that gives a more beautiful and fit it into one convenient capsule of Vita-E.

Vita-E contains 400 IU of vitamin E, a known antioxidant that effectively protects the cells against free radicals and gives our skin a beautiful, youthful and effortless glow.

Free radicals are molecules that harm cells and contribute to the development of conditions such as stroke and cancer which Vita-E helps to prevent. These antioxidants are also essential for the maintenance of healthy skin by protecting it from UV-induced damage. Vita-E works from the inside making you feel AND look great. Not only that Vita-E is essential in maintaining the functions of our heart, blood vessels, and nervous system, Vita-E also gives all around protection for a healthy immune system.

Take care of what’s beneath and be naturally beautiful with Vita-E. Vita-E is recommended to be taken one capsule per day. Vita-E is SRP P14.00 per soft gel capsule, available at Mercury Drug and all other leading drugstores nationwide.

Health Hazards of Microwave Ovens: Should You Fear Them?

Microwave ovens are one of the kitchen’s best time savers. These versatile home partners are great for heating and cooking, making them a great catch for those who are always pressed for time when it comes to their meals.

But for all its perks and conveniences, this home appliance has always been stuck in the “safe or unsafe” debate. Some believe, for example, that heating or cooking meals in a microwave oven breaks down the nutrients in the food. The most troubling claim is that this home appliance leaks harmful radiation exposure which can lead to cancer.

But are microwave ovens really dangerous to our health?

A closer look at available evidence shows a lack of scientific foundation behind these claims. In fact, according to Dr. Anthony Komaroff in an interview about microwave ovens with the Harvard Health Letter, the house appliance actually uses one of the least likely forms of cooking that damage nutrients.

Any form of food preparation breaks down nutrients since heat breaks down their chemical structure. That means the longer you cook something, the more their nutritional value is compromised. Since microwave ovens cook faster than the conventional kitchen appliance, it can actually preserve more nutrients in your meal.

In terms of radiation and cancer, people believe that the electromagnetic waves from microwave ovens can mutate their DNA. However, these waves have a different effect on humans, and it all points to the way these home partners work.

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