Breville-lize Your Summer Caravan

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Want to know how to make meals delicious and fast? You are in for a treat as, BREVILLE® a premier kitchenware brand from Australia, brings you the “Breville-lize Your Summer Caravan,” in cooperation with True Value.

Chefs Emman Galvez, Trish Azada, and Edward Mateo will share their expertise in cooking, along with recipes that will keep your family healthy and strong. Aside from that, the chefs will demonstrate how Breville products can be maximized in the kitchen to make food preparation and cooking convenient and easy.

Prior to the caravan, a two day selling exhibit will be held in the venues so not only professional chefs but home chefs may also avail of promo sets that are up for grabs. The packages will surely revolutionize your kitchen!

The two-day selling exhibit and Brevillelize Your Summer Caravan will be held at Marquee Mall Pampanga on April 29 to May 1, Abreeza Mall Davao on May 6 to 8, and Maxilom Cebu on May 20 to 22.

BREVILLE® an Australian innovation since 1932 offers products with quality attested by many food experts all around the world. With one BREVILLE® product, you can definitely do exciting things. What more if your kitchen is equipped with a whole lot more? So what are you waiting for? Head to the mall, join the caravan and Breville-lize your summer! Continue reading

Matstone: Designed For The Perfect Juice + More


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As we advance in age, our bodies’ defense mechanism weakens. Most cannot afford to exercise anymore or go on a diet for several reasons, which explains why we are always sickly that even common ailments can quickly hit us.

Therefore, we feel gloomy and depressed whenever a loved one who’s in his or her twilight years suddenly becomes unwell and ailing. However, there are emerging measures to help prevent ailments from hitting you or if you do get sick, can help you recover in a fast and healthy way.

One of these is “slow juicing,” a process of extracting juices of its vital nutrients that are needed to strengthen our bodies, help improve our immunity, for the sick to recuperate quickly and overall provide for better health.

“Slow juicing” slowly and gently presses the fruit or vegetables to extract all the natural juices that are full of vitamins and minerals. And more importantly, taste is retained so what you’ll get is all-natural juice that’s great-tasting, too.

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Hydrate Your Skin This Summer With A Good Dose Of Hyaluron

health and wellness products, all things healthy in betweenSummer is here!

You’’ll probably raring to hit the beach for a quick getaway with the barkada or do more outdoor activites. For the working folks, there’s planning frenzy for teambuildings and office outings.

Get ready to beat the hot sun that can do most harm for your skin. It is at this time that our skin is most vulnerable so better protect it the best way you can without missing all the fun.

How do you combat the harmful effects of the blistering sun? Use protective gear all the time. This includes the must haves sunblock, sunglasses to protect your eyes and appropriate head gear. Above all, hydration is key to allow your body to recover from heat. You wouldn’t want to pass out on the beach out of dehydration, wouldn’t you? So it’s best to hydrate because it not only flushes out dangerous body toxins but also keeps the skin moisturized, smooth and silky even in the searing heat of summer.

Keep in mind as well that before you head out to the beach and brave the hot sun, it’s better to drink a safe yet powerful supplement to keep your skin nourished and supple despite the summer heat.

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