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a few years ago, at Coco Beach…

This page is born out of this mum’s love for yoga and everything healthy in between. Living a healthier life, after all, is the key to being around longer, which is all the better for this 30-something mum who is raising a toddler. Join her as she journeys towards different asanas and matras, numerous meditation classes, a fitter and stronger body, and ultimately, a healthier life.

When this mum is not busy caring for her little man, she is either tinkering on her blogs, sharing healthy tips online or yearning for the next time when she will be visiting her local yoga center. She might have her hands full all the time, but simply contact her by leaving a comment below and she will be sure to get back to you as soon as her budding healthy lifestyle allows. If you may, do email her at vix.parungao@gmail.com for product, book, service reviews and giveaways related to her site.


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    • you can also check out a lot of tutorials online. when i started, i’d memorize poses from yoga books + practice them during my yoga sessions at home! 🙂 nice to know you mommy! 🙂

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