Triumph Motorcycles: Solve Your Midlife Crisis

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Oh, you are going through a midlife crisis something awful. You have a good job, you have a beautiful wife and two wonderful children, and you have a home with a white-picket fence (literally, you do!), but for some reason you just need a change. You need excitement and the ability to feel young again. For that reason, you are shopping for a Triumph in Charlottesville. Yes, it seems silly, but you have always wanted a Triumph, and now you shall have one!


Your love of the motorcycle first began when your idol, Marlon Brando, was spotted motoring around on one. Then the epic Steve McQueen joined in the fun. While they cemented the popularity of the Triumph, it has been around since the early 1900’s, broken many land-speed records at the Bonneville Salt Flats, and just recently won the Dayton 200 with rider Danny Eslick on board. Yes, with the rich history of this motorcycle, you want to join in on making history—your history.


Just like any good piece of automotive craftsmanship, Triumph has a wide selection of top-notch models to choose from. Some of the models include the following:

  • Adventure ~ The makers of Triumph motorcycles believe in the spirit of adventure. With models such as the Tiger 800 ABS and Tiger Explorer, you can be sure you can tackle any type of terrain you should choose to explore on your motorcycle.
  • Roadsters ~  The ability to own the road while looking muscular, mean, and aerodynamic, is what the designers of the roadster motorcycles were going for. Whether you choose the Street Triple ABS or the Street Triple R ABS, you can accomplish your need for speed and the look of a muscular, mean, aerodynamic rider.
  • Classics ~ Just like the motorcycle ridden by Brando or McQueen, you can enjoy the classic design and beauty of the Bonneville, Scrambler, or Thruxton models. You can revel in the ‘glory days’ while experiencing the classic beauty and handling of these models which have stood the test of time.

No matter which model you choose during your search for your special Triumph in Charlottesville you can be sure that your midlife crisis will be cured with the road ahead of you on your new motorcycle.

How Brandon Boyd Manages To Stay In Shape

wellness, fitness and related activitiesI was browsing online the other day when I chanced upon this Men’s Journal article about Brandon Boyd. If you must know, he was my muse and the inspiration to many of my creative pursuits and it was him who inspired me to meditate and do yoga all those many years ago. He also encouraged me to be a vegetarian, which I was for almost 5 years until I got pregnant and retreated to my old meat-eating days.

If you must also know, Brandon Boyd is one of the leanest guys you will ever see around. He has a tall, lanky form and a very flat stomach. I used to believe that all those singing was enough to keep him fit and healthy. I may be right, too.

According to the article, Brandon’s workout strategy comes in the form of surfing, which he has been doing since he was 11, in Los Angeles where he still lives. He rides the bike a lot that he claims people think he’s crazy. And on top of that, he also work out his core and back and do Pilates, too! I wonder what this guy cannot do!

Am guessing that article is a sign, a reminder for me to get up and finally hit my mat and work on the extra pounds. I may not be a band vocalist like Brandon, but I am a mum of a pre-schooler, after all, who needs all the energy she can muster to run after a little energetic boy.

image is from Brandon Boyd’s Instagram Page 


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Mom and Me Fun To Be Fit schedule of activities

Summer is here and what better way to stay in shape while having fun with your little ones than by joining the Mom & me Fun To be Fit events. Enjoy fun and physical activities like Aero-Mash ups, swimming and yoga with your little ones while you both try to stay in shape an be healthy.

Read more about this fun event in this press release:

Keeping fit and healthy starts in the home. Kids need physical activity to build strength, coordination, and confidence and it is the parent’s responsibility to lay the groundwork for a healthy lifestyle. How can you do this, you ask? The answer is simple – engage in physical activities with them and make it a daily habit.

For kids, fitness means playing and being physically active. Once they enter nursery until they get to big school, exercise comes in the form of playing tag with friends, P.E. classes, and attending organized sports such as basketball or swimming. However, parents can no longer rely on physical education in schools to provide enough physical activity for kids. They need to play a more active role and make fitness a family routine.

This March, jumpstart the summer with Mom and Me: Fun To Be Fit, a series of health and fitness activities that both moms and kids will enjoy.

yoga, fitness and related activities, press release, exercise

On March 22, all roads lead to White Space Mind and Body Wellness for an interactive yoga class for moms and kids

Yoga for all ages have become popular as this activity improves the three elements of fitness – endurance, strength, and flexibility. Moms and kids, and even dads too, can sweat it out in the mat with an interactive yoga class from Yoga+ on March 1 (12:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.) and White Space Mind and Body Wellness Studio on March 15 (12:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.). Poses that promote fun, laughter, and creativity will keep the kids engaged while moms challenge themselves in their own yoga practice.

yoga, fitness and related activities, press release, exercise

Mark your calendars for a yoga class with the little ones on March 1 at Yoga+.

While yoga entails focus and flexibility, aerobic dancing involves heart-pumping movements and is a great way to improve coordination and memory. Make your way to Slimmers World on Mach 8 (9:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.) in their Megamall branch and March 22 (9:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.) in Trafalgar Makati branch for a fun and easy dance work out. Moms will also enjoy a signature Body Fat Analysis and Figure Consultation, Nutritional Counseling, Diamond Peel and a Slimming Treatment. Dancing to upbeat tunes, prepare to sweat it out. You’ll surely find yourself doing the routine even until you get home.

Swimming is one of the best workouts you can give your body as it activates almost all of your muscle groups at the same time. Since you’re floating in water, there’s less pressure on your joints and bones, and it almost seems like you’re not really exercising. Rounding up the Mom and Me Fun To Be Fit series is a swimming class with Coach Herman Brinas as hosted by The Legend Villas on March 29 (9:00 a.m. to 11:30 p.m.). Paddle, kick, and soak the sun, it’s a fun fitness activity for a Saturday afternoon.

Entrance Pass is only Php 350 good for mom/dad and one child per day. Participants get the chance to win in raffles and will receive a loot bag filled with treats.

Allow enough time for free play, regulate the use of gadgets, and keep a variety of games and sports equipment at home. You’ll be surprised how a jump rope can make a big difference. Show your kids that fitness is important by engaging in fitness activities with them. Mom and Me: Fun To Be Fit gets you and your little one active together. Get in shape and create moments that you and the kids will remember for a lifetime!

Mom and Me: Fun to Be Fit happens every Saturday of March – March 1, 8, 15, 22, and 29. For details and event tickets, go to Like and Follow Mom and Me at /mommyandmePH. This event is also supported by Citibank, Enercal Plus, Thor Productions, Malaya Living, Baby Magazine, Travelife Magazine, Circuit, Mom Center Philippines, and WhenInManila(dot)com.

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