Maum Meditation Founder in Manila:  Mind-Subtraction Creates A Lifetime Of Happiness With The Universe  

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Woo Myung, the founder of Maum Meditation, will be elaborating on  his ideas in the Philippines as part of his Annual World Lecture Tour for 2014.  He began it with Australia and New Zealand and just completed his European Tour which included Genoa, Milan, Lisbon, London, Paris, Budapest, Berlin, and Stockholm. The planned lecture in Manila and Clark, Philippines is the last of the Southern and Southeast Asia lecture tour following his trips to India, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Vietnam, and Thailand.

The lecture will take place on October 28 in Manila and on October 30 at 7 pm in Clark, Woo Myung will introduce the method of Maum Meditation which teaches human completion and joyful life through an alignment of the of human mind to the Universal consciousness.

meditation, rest and relaxation

His  mind-subtraction method, which is a scientific and systematic form of  meditation, has gained worldwide following in 330 regional centres in 41 countries. The Maum Meditation has gotten attention because of its principles on  transformation in consciousness, the ‘subtraction’ of the human mind, and the personal happiness all these have given its adherents. Continue reading

Sign-up For Osho: A Course in Meditation

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Sign up now for Mentor Channel’s Osho: A Course in Meditation. This is a 21-day workout for the consciousness and the course will start on 21 July. I have grown fond of these meditation courses ever since I discovered them early this year. Meditation is something I look forward to doing every night as a perfect way to cap any day. It relaxes me every single time and is a very effective way of clearing away the cobwebs in the recesses of by mind.

I am sure you will equally enjoy the experience. It is a good reward for your consciousness that has otherwise been busy with the regular demands of your day. Join this meditation course now by signing up here.

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This Valentine’s Day Join The 21 Meditations On Love

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Whether you are in a relationship or not, even when you are in love at the moment or not, it will be such a treat to participate in this new free series of meditation classes online, the 21 Meditations On Love.

Join in as Janet Bray Attwood guide you through a three-week journey into the real meaning of unconditional love. This journey begins on 14 February where a new guided meditation shall be introduced each day and will be followed by an exploration of its meaning and examples you can use to deepen your very own experience.

This is your chance to dive deeply into what love really means to you, discover the profound effects of loving unconditionally and the remarkable opportunities it can open.

Sign up now for this free meditation class.

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